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Vegan Meal Delivery Gluten Free

High Density Plant-Based Nutrition

our meals are 100% plant based, alkalizing, low in fat, and free of refined sugars.

perfect for a low sugar or diabetic diet

or anyone who strives for a healthy lifestyle

Organic, Gluten Free Ingredients

Everything on our menu is gluten-free, and we strive to use the best produce available.

perfect for celiac and gluten intolerance.

Vegetable Picking
Black Eyed Pea Salad.JPG

High Protein Meals

We pack every dish with the protein & nutrition you need to give you lasting energy throughout the day

Made Using Alkaline Water

Since we opened in 2012, we have made every meal with alkaline water to ensure you maintain a healthy pH balance.

Japanese Wellness Soup.JPG

Supports Healthy Microbiome

A healthy microbiome protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy

produces vitamins.

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